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B-Invogue is a boutique women’s clothes shop based in Essex, renowned for its unique and trendsetting clothing. Whether you’re shopping for black tie designer dresses, catwalk inspired outfits or stylish tracksuits, B-Invogue has it all.

B-Invogue is perfect for ladies that want to create their own style. Offering a wide range of high-quality women’s clothing for all occasions.

Passionate about bright colours, clashing patterns and distinctive cuts, we have all you need to create show stopping looks.

Our aim is to make you feel special. Whether you're going to a wedding, out with the ladies, or doing a bit of shopping, we have the ideal looks for you.

Have a look at our collection online. Or, why not visit our shop and receive a personal shopper experience, to help you find your perfect outfit.

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What to Wear to the Royal Ascot

14-05-2018 - Bianca Bobis


What To Wear to a Wedding

14-04-2018 - Bianca Bobis

Wedding season is upon us!!! There could be a million things running through your mind when you hear that. "Thank goodness I don't have to go through all that again", or "When am I getting a bloody ring... and I don't mean on the phone" or "I wonder if there are going to be any cute guys at this wedding! Well, whatever your relationship status has you thinking, the number one thing a woman has to think about when she gets a wedding invite is, "What am I going to wear"!   So, I hope you enjoy some of the outfits I've picked out that will keep you looking super trendy this season whilst avoiding all of the wedding fashion faux pax :) ...

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